Monday , August 21 2017

5 unique foods to protect the hair !


Hair is one of the main parts of our body, which is relatively high compared to other parts of the state and is open to the environment is constantly trying to adapt. But in the process of adapting various types of hair loss is always going. In keeping with the era of new hair style hair-do. In this style, the hair loss can be.

Hair from the outside as well as a beautiful view of our inner well-being should think about. Almost all of us are more or less hair problems such as hair loss, loss of rough, cracked tip, hair is not as big. This problem increases with age more. These problems can be largely prevented with the help of a disciplined diet chart, where the hair needs to be kept in food.

Hair health is one of those special role in protecting the material is zinc, selenium, iron Bayotina, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. So the diet of these foods should be upadanasamrddha. There are thousands of these ingredients of the food market. Here is a list of these elements are the most delicious food 5


There are plenty of egg protein, which is the biggest component of hair. It also contains sulfur, iron, selenium and zinc. Iron head skyalpera increases blood circulation, strengthen hair and zinc. Chicken as a good source of protein is quite good, it is good quality protein, B vitamins, as well.


As the egg is a good source of protein. Our hair is made of protein called a kyaratina. So the hair protein-rich foods for health must on our list. So it’s almost too quick meal peas can keep our diet chart. Protein as well as the iron. It metabolism, and cells increases oxygen supply to the hair phalikalagulo sarakulesana is healthy.

Green leaf vegetables

Different kinds of green leaf vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, etc. contain iron, vitamin C and beta-carotene, which helps protect hair growth and moisture. Sarakulesana also enhances hair shine and keeping up hair color.


Phalikalera B vitamins needed for hair health. Daite quite a good amount of the vitamin B and vitamin D, if the yogurt in a certain amount of the daily diet.

Iodised food

The thyroid gland does not work properly due to a lot of hair is a problem. For example, hair thinning, increased loss, discolored, rough go of it as a problem arises due. Iodine helps the thyroid glyandake. So iodized food (marine fish and vegetables coast) to receive regular, if possible.

To protect the hair and the hair is to keep domestic nutritional needs first. So we must be aware of the food.