Wednesday , May 24 2017

Free medical camp for Bangladeshis in Lebanon


The Bangladesh Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon on Sunday organised its second free medical camp at the Embassy for Bangladeshi expatriates living in Lebanon. Around 200 Bangladeshi workers visited the camp seeking medical treatment and health services, said the Embassy on Monday. Bangladesh Ambassador to Lebanon Abdul Motaleb Sarker inaugurated the …

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Carrying electrical device in BCS exams is restricted as usual like previous


The authority of Public Service Commission (PSC) has put restriction on carrying any kind of electronic devices during the preliminary test of the 37th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examinations to be held on 30 September, said a press release on Monday. Restricting on carrying books, calculator, bag and all kinds …

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Is This Called Friendship? BSF killing 28 Bangladeshis this year !


The killing of unarmed Bangladeshis by India’s Border Security Force (BSF) along the border continues, despite repeated reassurances of ‘zero violence’ from New Delhi. The Indian home minister, Rajnath Singh, reiterated the reassurance at the home ministers’ conference of the the two neighbours in New Delhi this July, but to …

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How to do a People Search on the Web


  Most of us at one time or another wished we could find more information on someone. Before the internet, the only option most people had was using a local telephone book. Those with more money and determination could pay companies which specialized in searching or background checks. Today there …

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What if Your Phone Gets into the Wrong Hands?


It’s amazing how quickly we have become dependent on our smartphones.  We now do practically everything on them – from banking to emailing, video and picture capture and storage, to confidential texting—you name it. But, as with many new technologies, people tend to get seduced by the benefits, without understanding …

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Do You Know What an iPod was?


Just in case you didn’t hear about the original iPod here’s the deal.  It’s a hand held computer device for listening to music.  Here’s a more descriptive definition from the internet, and here’s a picture of an older one on the right.  The next big device from the Apple Computer …

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Everything That You Can Expect From iPhone 7


It’s hard to believe how far iPhone7 new version have truly come. The world of technology is an ever-expanding field. Every year, something new comes out that seems like it will never be matched, but the year after proves to always beat out the previous models. this goes for cars, …

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Samsung shows off its latest smartwatch, the Gear S3


Last year’s Gear S2 was, without question, one of the best looking smartwatches around. After a few generations of unwieldy wearables, the company took it down a few notches with a device that was smaller and decidedly more minimalist. Where other companies have looked to bling it up, the electronics …

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How Insomnia Develops


Why and How Insomnia Develops In his article about One of the Most Common Causes of Insommnia, Dr. Mercola talks about a particular condition, which confirms what I have been discussing through out the article.  Let your mind rest and try to control those “unwanted thoughts”. But how do I …

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The Possible Reasons for Insomnia


The Possible Reasons for Insomnia Insomnia in its initial stages is not a chronic condition. Chronic insomnia conditions are serious when patients have been known not to sleep for days altogether. This will naturally need an experienced sleep disorder professional help in order to cure the underlying cause for insomnia. …

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