Monday , August 21 2017

Fear directed Shahrukh Khan!


Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan is very comfortable in front of the camera. But his behavior behind the camera just the opposite. These stars are much easier to play, as well as management of solid matter.

Shahrukh commentary, “to manage the need to increase my self-confidence. And I need at least another five years. I am very afraid of managing work. Even when the “OK” or “cut” is to say, even I do not understand. “

However, the picture has become more interested in the issue of handling the stars. For the next two or three years of study on this topic is planned. His management experience to try out.

To pursue his new film’s promotion phyana busy. The film is to be released on April 15. ‘Fan’ film director Manish Sharma, who seven years ago had planned this film. However, producer Aditya Chopra was not willing to do so. According to Aditya, Manish he was not prepared for this picture plan. Because some preparation for working with big stars is typically associated. And Shah Rukh Khan has always been very nice to work. So the fans’ image had to manage yourself Manish welded.