Monday , August 21 2017

Learn the most effective rules of Scrubbing


Scrubbing the skin is a process that animates mrtakosa away. This is an important part of the overall recovery of the skin. There are several rules for scrubbing. Scrub the skin using yacchetaibhabe follow those rules will hurt the contrary, will not bring any good results.

How often can katodine Scrub?

Scrub can be used for some mild day is written on the product. However, whether Scrub jinisatai a little difficult. So, to use a mild case of the little noticed, but it will take hold. Scrubbing day rather than two or three days a week to remember mane, mrtakosera less if the presence of the light is better to use Scrub. Scrub can be used without mrtakosa too hard, as it should be two days a week. Never more.

What would be scrubbing ways?

Scrub hard, grainy, which is very hard if not, they will never be used directly on the skin. It will be mixed with water to be used on the skin. Gently massage a half minutes is enough to scrubbing. Over time like this is not worth taking, even if the skin is not mrtakosa.

Scrub is applied to the skin mana

Pimples or skin rashes prohibited without scrubbing, can not be at all. However, it should state that many people are using Scrub. Scrub your skin at the sound of twelve more. Scrub them to do more in disseminating ryasake pimples or go to another place, so that the skin will be affected.

Natural scrubbing material

There are a lot of elements in nature, which gives the skin vitality mrtakosa away. If you do not trust marketing prasadhane more relaxed or natural means to take care of your skin if you like or need these components you can choose your own benefits.

Rice flour
Amanda powder
They each, mixed with the other necessary components that will be used to build Scrub. You can mix it with sugar, lemon juice, or honey, if you want to come up with a mix of these two elements alone can put yayagumro the skin, the mixture must be mixed with water only. Again, however, can be used along with other ingredients. Tbakacarca take a moment to be able to choose the natural way is recommended.