Monday , August 21 2017

Ranbir-Katrina was shooting with Body Double


Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s personal life has been divorced.

But they’re shooting together for the sake of career.

Morocco ‘jagga Jasoos”re shooting the pair.

But Ranbir-Katrina shooting suddenly a body double was used in both. Recently, t

he news has been released with a press photo. However, for an action scene or a body double has been taken. Many photos circulated online now double their body.

He is going to see the injuries to his body double.

The drsyatii Ranbir-Katrina’s body was filmed dabalara.

Earlier, have been heard, Ranbir or romantic scenes photos

from the film director Anurag Basu’s request to exclude.

He also said that he and Katrina last picture. After the pictures together and they do not.